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Review: EcoGlo Minerals Foundation

May 14, 2011

Foundation is a product I’m always somewhat back and forth about; if you have young skin, which in my opinion is our most beautiful feature, why cover it all up? I think taking care of our skin and bodies should serve as our “foundation”, but (I’ll skip past for all the numerous reasons) obviously that isn’t always the easiest thing to make our number one priority. So, if we have to cover up our skin to even out blemishes and redness, why not choose a product that is all-natural, i.e. will not clog your pores or age you any further than necessary? 

EcoGlo is a really neat all-natural make-up company and apparently the owner makes all of her cosmetics by hand in her home! I would love to see her set up… I stumbled upon the website while researching all-natural products online, I’m not sure whether or not it is sold in stores anywhere.

Price: $12 before shipping…and for foundation that is a really fair price

Ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, sericite mica, mica, iron oxides, and may contain ultramarine blue

As I’ve said before, the safety of titanium dioxide is debated (it has been suspected to be a carcinogen), but at this point it seems to be just speculation. 

Packaging: After waiting only a few days I received my foundation in the mail, with a little insert of information on their other products. You can see from their website the company has a pretty pleasant design aesthetic. The container itself looked very similar to BareMinerals but with a clear top and there is the ability to open and close the source of the powder…sadly mine came already broken! I managed to use it anyway. 

Use: After tapping a small amount out onto the lid I took a long handled small kabuki brush from Sephora, and swirled it around into the powder until it had been fully absorbed. I applied one thin layer to achieve some evenness, and then taking a concealer brush, I dotted powder onto trouble areas, blending as well as possible. Then I finish with another light layer all over and that’s it! Really simple to use, especially if you have used mineral make-ups in the past. 

Effect: Coverage is even but takes a bit of work, which is unfortunately to be expected with all natural make-up. Personally I have pretty oily skin, so after a few hours the make-up began to break down and sort of creep into crevices on my face requiring me to blend it out again periodically through the day. I’ve had this problem with powder foundations in the past, but I do prefer powders as they allow more selective coverage rather than having to do what feels like painting a mask on your face with liquids.

Final Verdict: I really appreciate the mission of EcoGlo and will for that reason continue to support this company, but I may branch out into their products such as eyeshadows or blush for my next purchase. I also really wish this product was carried in stores. Even being extensively trained in how to color match, I still was quite nervous about choosing a foundation shade over the internet. Luckily the owner seems very responsive when it comes to questions, or if you’d like to order some for yourself, I would be more than happy to help you choose your shade. 

Thanks for reading!


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