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Summer Make-up

May 31, 2011

After an excessive winter and plentiful April and even May showers, summer in New York is here. Despite it’s much later arrival, I find that summers here are just as intense and maybe even sweatier than summers at home in Texas.

If you are as much of an excessively perspiring beast as I, (why does it seem like I sweat primarily on my FACE) look no further for your summer beauty routine:

1) Sunscreen!

2) Under eye concealer, preferably one of more natural variety

3) Cover blemishes with a little bit of foundation. I use powder because I find it slides off of my face at a somewhat slower rate than a liquid. I like using a small, fluffy brush for application as it allows for precise coverage that blends easily.

The powder foundation/fluffy brush combo also works well to set the under eye concealer.

4) Fill in eyebrows a little bit with a brow powder. (I’m currently on the hunt for an all natural one, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!)

5) Apply a coat of mascara.

6) Finish it all off with a tinted lip balm , I’m using Burt’s Bee’s Tinited Lip Balm in Hibiscus.

And that’s it! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but like I said, if you are super sweaty this is truly the way to go. I’d rather be wearing minimal make-up than to wear the whole get up only to have it slide two inches down my face as soon as I step out of the door. Summer is full of fun activities anyway, and excessive touch-ups are a total infringement upon good times!

Also, if you are reading this, you’re probably pretty young and shouldn’t be wearing a lot on your beautiful, youthful skin anyway!

Not to mention: sweating = open pores, so if you are wearing a ton of make-up you are just asking for a world of break-outs.

For this look, it doesn’t hurt to keep a hydrating mist and blotting papers on hand for touch-ups.

Thanks for reading!

-Annie Strole

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