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I digress…

June 4, 2011

Did you know that using all-natural products is not only good for you but good for the earth? Think about it: no pollution from the chemicals being produced and the manufacturing that goes into that, no washing toxins down the drain into our drinking water, and I would bet a pretty penny that most all-natural beauty companies are doing their best to use recycled packaging.

Obviously I’m a huge advocate of going green in terms of my beauty routine (haha, I like that rhyme) but I do my best to be conscious of how much waste and pollution I’m producing in all aspects of my life.

I realized recently that the majority of the waste I produce comes from meal times: eating out, cups, plastic ware, packaging of groceries (I eat more Amy’s frozen dinners than I’d like to admit), and even packaging leftovers to take to work with me.

I’m a follower and huge fan of Bleubird Vintage’s Blog which started out as a style blog but has transitioned more into a lifestyle/parenting blog…which I’m totally cool with. Recently James has partnered up with Goodbyn, a reusable lunchbox company, and has been featuring pictures of what she packs for her kids’ lunches. Check it out here!

I think it’s an adorable idea as well as an awesome way to cut back on your day to day waste…no paper bags, no ziplock bags, no prepackaged meals (which of course is much healthier). James seems like an incredible mom and all around great person who appears to be doing her part to “go-green” so to speak; I really look up to her!

I want a Goodbyn of my own…They’re not just for kids! I think I’ll be purchasing one with my next paycheck.

Anyway, sorry to be a bit off topic, but I think all natural beauty isn’t just a skincare or make-up routine.

Thanks for reading!

-Annie Strole

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