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Think About the Bunnies!

June 7, 2011

I take absolutely no precautions to attempt to conceal my almost freakish obsession with/love for animals.

I have wanted to try cosmetics from 100% Pure for quite some time now and was glad to see they posted this article on their blog earlier today.


Millions and millions of helpless animals with the same capacity to feel pain as we do are tortured for unnecessary testing.  Hundreds of thousands of animals are crammed in dirty cages without any room to move – each awaiting its fate to get brutally abused.  219 animals are abused / killed every MINUTE – in the USA alone ( as a result of animal testing.  The beauty industry is responsible for a large percentage of animal testing because of all the harmful toxins that are used in beauty formulas.  Both animals and humans would be better off if only the cosmetic industry would just stop polluting beauty products with these harmful ingredients – animals would no longer have to be tested on and humans wouldn’t be subjected to harmful toxins.  100% Pure formulas are toxic free and we’ve never had to test our formulas or ingredients on animals – so we know this is possible.  We know it’s easy to formulate healthy products without harming a single animal.

Unfortunately, “no animal testing” claims are misleading.  When cosmetic companies claim “no animal testing,” it means the final formula has not been tested, but it can also mean that the individual ingredients were tested on animals (just not the final formula).

Besides chemical testing on animals, another form of animal cruelty is cosmetic makeup brushes.  Although difficult to watch, PLEASE watch this video that shows how animal fur is harvested. people realize fur for clothing is cruel but many people don’t realize that makeup brushes are from animal fur too such as sable, squirrel, mink, rabbit, dog, etc.  100% Pure

uses only synthetic fibers (anti-bacterial plastic) which are 100% cruelty free and work just as well as – and even better than animal fur makeup brushes since the fibers are anti-bacterial (whereas animal fur attracts bacteria easily).

In the Beauty Industry, animal testing is completely unnecessary – cosmetic companies can just stop using toxins.  We do realize the need for safety testing for drugs – however, even in this case, many other options are available such as testing on donated organs and artificially produced human skin, which will cause no suffering and yield more relevant results.

Although animal cruelty is a difficult subject and many people get upset because we discuss such unpleasantries, the only way we can stop it is to expose the truth so that more people stop supporting animal testing and fur makeup brushes.

100% Pureloves and respects animals and we are passionately against animal cruelty.  100% Pure is charitable towards animal welfare and we want to thank all of you – by supporting 100% Pure, you provide us the means and the voice to stop animal cruelty.



I will definitely be thinking twice before using any unnatural products now knowing what that could possibly indicate for animals.

Thanks for reading!

-Annie Strole

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