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Review: LuLu Organics Jasmine Hair Powder

June 12, 2011

You may remember me posting about this lovely packaging a few posts back….Due to my incredibly greasy scalp yet terribly dry ends, I’ve been interested in finding a dry shampoo for quite some time (I love how by way of this blog I’ve revealed all of my less than charming beauty issues). When I began searching for one I was very quickly discouraged….I couldn’t find a product who’s first ingredient wasn’t BUTANE, a deadly and highly flammable gas. No thanks. Once summer hit here in New York (read: sweating at an all time high) I knew it was time to bite the bullet and find a suitable dry shampoo.

I was initially introduced to this product by Clever Nettle when she posted about all-natural luxury beauty products. When I saw the post I immediately set out on a search for this hair powder and found it at a boutique in my neighborhood, Catbird, which (besides if Pinkberry also happened to be a cat cafe) is also coincidentally my idea of heaven on earth.

Price: $30; This was a little rough for me as I, believe it or not, hate spending money unless I know a product is absolutely worth it. The sweet sales girl at Catbird was very patient and reassuring – we formed a bond, trust was built…by that I mean she said she used it and the tube lasted her quite a long time… and finally I committed. Beautiful.

Ingredients: Organic cornstarch, white clay (genius!), baking soda, organic horsetail powder, organic essential oils

I still am not quite sure what horsetail is or what properties it contributes…it seems to be some sort of plant? Is anyone familiar?

Use: I just tapped a little bit (nickle sized amount?) into the palm of my hand, rubbed my hands together and worked the powder into my hair from root to end. The jasmine formula smells like a magical garden in powder form, very lovely but not overpowering. It’s a bit difficult to control and I often end up spilling a bit on the floor as it is a very lightweight powder. Luckily I didn’t feel bad dragging my nearby laying cat through the powder to absorb the spill as it is, in fact all-natural.

Effect: I’ve always been nervous to use a powder to absorb hair oil as I always assumed it would leave a very obvious white resude or a great deal of build-up, but this product provides ample oil control without any visible effects! I love how it smells and the packaging sitting on my vanity makes me feel all too glamorous. It’s definitely a product I am delighted to own, I just hope that I can cut down on spills and really get my money’s worth!

Anyway, I’m off to go watch the NBA FINALS! Keep your fingers crossed for my home team, the Dallas Mavericks!


Thanks for reading,

Annie Strole

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  1. June 12, 2011 10:19 pm

    Gah, so glad I met you. Love your blog. Heading to Catbird asap.

  2. August 9, 2011 8:28 pm

    I googled this product looking for reviews and came across your blog. excellent write ups! i bought one of their travel kits to try the brand out, but i was sold after reading this đŸ™‚

  3. Mia permalink
    December 21, 2011 3:07 pm

    Great post. I have never used a dry shampoo, but since my scalp is also very oily and Austalian summer makes it worse, somebody told me that I should invest on a dry shampoo, so I could spend more time than every other day without washing my hair because it was becoming terribly unbalanced. I wanted a natural one and I found this one and your review really helps a lot. I have a couple of questions anyway, do you really think is worth and helps to control excess oil? I read somewhere the “effect” lasts a couple of days, is that true? And, does this leaves some floral scent on hair? because that would be great!
    Oh, and horsetail is a fantastic addition, very wise formulation. Horsetail herb is really rich in the mineral silica, and silica strenghten brittle, weak, damaged hair, also improves elasticity and of course, really helps with hair growth. It can be a bit drying also, I think mostly for this reason is used on this powder. I use horsetail on my hair rinse and is great.

    • January 19, 2012 4:36 am

      Australia? What part! I can definitely feel you…Texas and New York summers are not to be taken lightly.

      To be honest, the product is very nice, but to say it lasts a couple days…I’m not sure. I usually start using it after day one of my shampoo and it eliminates odor and keeps my hair from being weighed down. The scent doesn’t linger as much as I wish it would! Don’t you love the smell of Jasmine?

      I really want to try some of Intelligent Nutrients Jasmine scented products…they are truly divine.

    • January 19, 2012 4:37 am

      and THANK YOU for the info on horsetail. You’re phenomenal!


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