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Catbird Does It Again!

June 28, 2011

Today I unexpectedly happened upon a day off and had the pleasure of spending it with a couple of lovely ladies perusing Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. Naturally we had to stop into my favorite boutique, Catbird, where I purchased my LuLu Organics hair powder that just I cannot stop raving about. Besides witnessing a tourist’s Yorkie overheat and almost die (keep your pets cool and hydrated people!), it was lovely as usual. The boutique has a little cosmetics section, which I of course adore, and while browsing it I carelessly misted myself with a unisex cologne called Boston Ivy by a company I had never heard of before, D.S. & Durga (I highly recommend you check out their impressive, beautifully designed website). It was absolutely dreamy, green, clean but also very decadent, like nothing I’d ever smelled before…can y’all tell I have a major attachment to scents?

The ladies and I continued our day, shopping, trying on clothes, visiting the dog park and discovering a nearby garden, of course lots of sweating on my part and I could still smell the cologne I’d sprayed earlier. Not in an obnoxious or obtrusive way either…in an I-want-to-smell-this-way-forever way. I even took a little afternoon nap upon returning home and when I woke up I could still smell it! I’m now putting off a much needed shower because I don’t want to wash this scent away.

I did a little research and wouldn’t you know this cologne and perfume line is handcrafted right here in Brooklyn. Y’all had better believe that as soon as my budget allows (the perfumes and colognes from this line range from $85-$94) I will be picking myself up some of this heaven in a bottle. Some of their other scents include Poppy Rouge, Grapefruit (which I hear is super popular), Cowgirl Grass and Italian Citrus. I’m honestly not sure how I’ll be able to decide on just one.

Mallory and I doing a bit of floral iPhone photography, photo courtesy of Katherine

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Thank you for reading!

-Annie Strole

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