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Guest Post: Darcy DuBose’s (of You’re In Maine) Favorite Product

September 20, 2011


Not only is Darcy a fellow blogger but she also happens to be a fellow former Denton-ite (Denton being a small college town from which I hailed). Over the past year that I’ve lived in New York, Darcy has sent me some of the loveliest letters and packages which have kept a lot of homesickness at bay, as well as providing endless support of my blogging endeavors. I also highly suggest you check her blog out, unless you are for some reason uninterested in beautiful photos and updates on her recent voyage to Portland from the farmlands of Arkansas. Oh, and have I mentioned she has a charmingly curated Etsy shop? When I asked Darcy to contribute a little to my blog and share with me her favorite natural beauty product she was, of course, wonderfully obliging.

I love the idea of having guest posts on here because as y’all may know, I have a very specific skin and hair type and I’m very aware that not all of y’all have my same issues. It’s definitely nice to get a different spin on things.

Anyway, the lovely Darcy sent along the following write up as well as the adorable illustration pictured above. (The other three photos are a few of my favorites from her blog)

As soon as Annie asked me to choose a natural beauty product to share, I was stumped! I made the switch to natural a little over a year ago, so I had my whole cosmetic bag to choose from. But the one product I use daily without fail is Burt’s Bees Carrot Night Creme. And I use it every morning. I tend to have normal to dry skin and the daily moisturizers always leave my face too dry, so I really enjoy the subtle weight to the night creme. Plus it sort of wakes me up and I can even go without applying any additional cosmetics if so inclined. It leaves my skin glowing and keeps it soft without drying it out during the day. I definitely would stick to day moisturizers if you’re prone to oily skin, but for those like me who tend to need a little more moisture, this night creme provides that.

Being the product junkie that I am, I am now dying to try this product despite my ever-oily skin…maybe a little winter dryness will allow me the use of such a lovely night cream…in the morning!

Thank you so much Darcy and thank y’all for reading!


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  1. December 16, 2011 9:03 am

    It is very crucial to go through the elements on all 100 Pure Cosmetics that claim to get organic or natural.

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