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Cheers//Jeers: Jao Edition

November 11, 2011


As the cold months (read: FLU SEASON) are fast approaching, my germaphobic side is rearing it’s ferocious head, and this time without Purell to turn to. Trust me, I know the best defense against the flu is good old fashioned hand-washing but in New York hand-washing when you really need to is about as likely as my cat learning how to clean her own litter box (but a girl can certainly dream). Subway hand rails, public door knobs, taxi cab door handles…please don’t get me started. This 99.8% natural hand refresher has been a god-send even if it is only a peace of mind placebo. My hands do feel genuinely clean after use and it smells so good I want to “refresh” my whole bod. Yum!


After falling in love with the aforementioned hand refresher, I was convinced that all products from this line would be equally as blogworthy, but alas this balm fell a bit short. While I must admit it works incredibly, the flavor is less than desirable…it doesn’t taste like something you should be allowed to put near your mouth…and upon further inspection, this balm contains parabens. Aw man! I’m such a sucker! Look you can see “Propylparaben” written plain and clear on the picture of that box right up there! How did I not notice that??!

I guess you can’t win ’em all.

Thanks for reading!

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