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Bachelor Beauties

August 28, 2012

This may come as a surprise to… well, all of you because I appear to be such a beacon of intellectualism, but I am a rabid super-fan of the T.V. franchise that is The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/The Bachelor Pad. Just ask my poor boyfriend about how I’m constantly comparing our relationship to that of the precious Emily Maynard and Jef with one F. To me, the premise of finding everlasting love in a freaky, polygamous, extreme speed dating extravaganza is pure reality television genius.

Needless to say when Michelle Money of The Bachelor season 15/The Bachelor Pad season 2 fame came into the Sephora where I work a few weeks ago I was just absolutely beside myself. The only “celebrities” that really get a reaction out of me are those of reality T.V. fame. I approached her immediately and she was extremely sweet, cool, complimentary and told me about her YouTube channel where she posts beauty tips.

I just got around to checking it out today and I’m slightly addicted. No, her and her partner in crime Laura do not utilize natural beauty products, but they definitely have some great tips and tutorials that can be modified for use with natural products. There is just something I find so entertaining about these two.

Below is one of my personal favorites.

Hope y’all enjoy as much as I do!



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