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The Award for Best Design Of A Natural Beauty Product Site Goes To….

November 29, 2012



The Wellness Cafe at Norma Kamali Site is simply beautiful! It’s so lovely to see an aesthetic I admire aligned with a philosophy I stand by.

The Wellness Cafe at Norma Kamali is a place to find healthy plant based solutions to our toxic environment. Our goal is to promote fitness, health, and beauty by providing clients with an oasis filled with products to better their lifestyle. We offer non processed foods, including products from Organic Avenue and Vital Choice, easy to eat delicious and plant based. We also carry our own line of Olive Oil’s and olive oil based products fresh from orchards in France, Italy, and Spain. All of our olive oil products (including soaps, calcium liniment, massage oils) are safe enough to use on babies, pets, rashes, burns, you name it. We also offer several healing solutions for relieving pain and prevantative solutions to feelings good all the time. Bath salts, anti inflammatory body relief pillows, netti pot with sea salt, salt inhaler pipe…are only a few of the many products we cary to support our health and immune systyem. Norma’s favorite books and fitness picks can also be found!

Y’all know how enamored I am with olive oils. I can’t wait to pay The Wellness Cafe a personal visit!

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  1. Loni permalink
    January 2, 2013 12:42 am

    I too am obsessed with Norma Kamali’s Wellness Cafe.

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